Monday, June 23, 2008

Young Kenyan Entrepreneurs innovate around the Nairobi Stock Exchange

With the recent, heightened interest around shares at the Nairobi Stock Exchange and the pandemonium that typically accompanies any recent IPO or rights issue a number of ambitious young Kenyans are innovating and finding ways of making it easier for local investors to manage/track their investments.

One of the most prominent of these is the new website - MyStocks - which offers visitors/members with the opportunity to compile and track a portfolio of shares. The site also offers a creative and colorful range of reports in graph, chart and text form which give both historical as well as detailed views of the stock(s) that one is interested in.

There are also a number of techpreneurs who are coming up with similar applications to run on mobile phones and provide live monitoring of NSE data among others.

These are interesting times!


gautam said...
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gautam said...

hey Guess what, this site is really usefull.... one must go through this.... for some knowledge of stock...