Friday, April 24, 2009

TEAMs Cable Ship has covered 2,000kms

As of yesterday the TEAMs cable ship had covered about 2,000kms - completing the 'first load' of cable. At just below halfway, this is good progress. As the second load is laid, we shall be holding our breath hoping that the notorious Somali pirates don't interfere with the progress.

Fingers crossed.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cisco Launches Next Generation Data Center with Unified Computing Services in Nairobi

At the Fairview hotel today, Cisco unveiled an evolutionary new Data Center architecture, innovative services and an open ecosystem of best in class partners to help customers develop next-generation data centers that unleash the full power of virtualization.  With this announcement, Cisco is delivering on the promise of virtualization through Unified Computing - an architecture that bridges the silos in the Data Center into one unified architecture using industry standard technologies.

Key to Cisco's approach is the Cisco Unified Computing System which unites, compute, network, storage access and virtualization resources in a single energy efficient system that can reduce IT infrastructure costs and complexity, help extend capital assets and improve business agility well into the future.

To help customers accelerate the transition to the Unified Computing Architecture, Cisco is paving the way with a comprehensive suite of new Unified Computing Services.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TEAMs Cable Ship has set sail - 450kms covered...

Great news. The TEAMs cable ship - under contract with Alcatel-Lucent set sail from Fujairah, UAE on Thursday last week. As of today it has covered 450 kilometres at a rate of approximately 150 kilometres a day.

We are all looking forward to the cable finally landing in Mombasa - and hope and pray that the Somali pirates don't interfere with the progress of this noble venture.