Friday, April 24, 2009

TEAMs Cable Ship has covered 2,000kms

As of yesterday the TEAMs cable ship had covered about 2,000kms - completing the 'first load' of cable. At just below halfway, this is good progress. As the second load is laid, we shall be holding our breath hoping that the notorious Somali pirates don't interfere with the progress.

Fingers crossed.....

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Foxxy said...

Thanks for the info. Question: Do you have any idea why only 2000km was loaded on this ship? Sources tell me it's possible to load the full distance 4900 - 5000 and even more. All in all the important thing is to get the cable functional soon. Thanks for the updates really appreciate it. By the way why doesnt the TEAMS consortium have a website? SEACOM and EASSy have full fledged sites.