Monday, January 25, 2010

Kenya Plans for a new city - A Technopolis

It was an excited and anticipatory crowd of ICT stakeholders that gathered at the UNES conference room above the Arziki Restaurant at the Nairobi University last Thursday. The reason for the gathering was for a talk by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information & Communication - Dr. Bitange Ndemo - presenting the concept paper for a new city in Kenya - "Malili Technopolis"

The room was packed to capacity with approximately 60 of Kenya's top ICT minds from industry, academia, the financial and public sectors. Dr. Ndemo, in his usual succint, matter-of-fact and friendly tone went through the presentation very easily and sparked a set of responses and a Q&A session that went on for well over 1 hour.

The bottom line is that most of everyone walked away from the meeting with a very positive buzz. This is definitely not another "white elephnat" project being promoted by Government. It definitely looks like a winner. If things go as planned Kenya should have her next city - a technopolis - in Malili (60kms from Nairobi along Mombasa Road) within the next 5 years.

Concept paper presentation is available for download at


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