Monday, March 22, 2010

Social Media abuzz with Kenya's Hottest Trend - Makmende

Ha-He is the second video from Just a Band's second album, 82. It was released this past Monday via JAB's YouTube page. 
Makmende Amerudi 

Makmende Amerudi, The 1970's themed video, directed by Jim Chuchuand Mbithi Masya, features a mean, ass-kicking character known as Makmende (played by Kevin "K1"Maina) who has been all the rage on Twitterthis week. 

A lot of people have been wondering who the hell Makmende is. Well, that depends on your age and where you grew up. Makmende was a term used way back in the early to mid 1990s to refer to someone who thinks he's a superhero. For example, if a boy who's watched one too many kung-fu movies on TV decides to unleash his newly acquired combat skills, he would be asked"Unajidai Makmende, eh?" (Who do you think you are, Makmende?) Trust me, there was a Makmende in every hood!

What Just a Band have done, quite creatively, is to give life to this long forgotten character in a way that makes him a unique Kenyan superhero, akin to Shaft, Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris. Makmende has so far taken on a life of his own, with a fan page on Facebook, a Twitter account and even awebsite! Makmende is this week's biggesttrending topic on Twitter in Kenya. 

I wouldn't be surprised if Jim Chuchu and Mbithi Masya receive offers to create a TV series based on Makmende.Badass of the year! I have to say that Just a Band are setting the standards as far as local music videos are concerned. It's about time some creativity was injected into the music industry coz I'm sure you agree with me that we are all tired of seeing the same old music video concept, which is to hire a few pimped out cars to floss with, get a bunch of pretty girls, pack them into a club and have a few miscellaneous people masquerading as artistes jumping all over the place screaming "Mikono Juu!" with other two bob lyrics. The video itself is hilarious, you have to watch it to appreciate the humour in it. With names such as "Finger of Nebula" (a parody of Hellarunga's Finger of god and Crab Nebula) and starring characters named Wrong Number, Abscondita, First Bodi, Taste of Daynjah, The Askyua Matha Militants(this one literally killed me!!) and Britannia Zimeisha. So kudos to JAB and as The Baks would say,"Endelea stairo hio hio!" 
Enjoy the video!
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