Friday, July 11, 2008

Cisco and Kenya sign deal to support Rural Entrepreneurs

This week Cisco's Internet Business System Group entered into an MOU
with Kenya's government in a ceremony that was presided over by the
Prime Minister, Hon. Raila Odinga.

The aim is for IBSG to support Kenya's ICT Board in the development of
up to 300 entrepreneur-led "Pasha Centres" across the entire country.
A Pasha centre is an e-enabled, connected community centre that
provides a wide range of Internet-based content and services ranging
from e-government services, basic net access, training,
videconferencong to e-health and telemedicine.

This is a very significant project because it builds on the current,
countrywide optical fiber network which is nearing completion.
Business opportunities will be provided to the entrepreneurs who will
be running the centres.


KenyaWebs said... I dreaming or what. Africa, kenya, does this have a synonymous thing like corruption/ read behind the lines thing. Yeah I have seen this kind of stuff for a long time and men.

I dont really feel this, I can forsee some kind of self ambition hear. 300 centres for the entire country, where we have a computer illiteracy rate of over 85%.

Pash or whatever that is, I bet it is not in hte interest of the common man. Ignorance on the part of the local mwananchi is overtaking the selfles entreprenures who will be riding high, eating big, and residing large at our expence.

ROBINSON said...

This is a great deal for kenyans whose,interest for the youth has all along been in towns,the ict village project will accomodate youths who have no acces to town and moreso now the youths will have to appreciate technology in the country..........just hope the deal is handled with people who have good records ,thanks to the cisco team

james said...

this pasha ict village thing is a complete hoax. I was among those who were unfortunate to have undergone the waste of time training. and 2 years down the line, all we here of is a pasha centre in kangundo! Nothing else!
Ave kept in touch with most of the people in those training and NONE has ever heard from the ict board. PESA YETU ILILIWA!
I hope next time the world bank desires to help the mwananchi, it should not go through the govt goons.