Monday, July 21, 2008

Nairobi Tech Innovation begins to catch global attention

To some Nairobi might seem like the last place one would expect to associate with high tech innovation, but as New York Times writer, Gregg Zachary found out during a recent visit, innovation and technology are not strangers to the city in the sun.

In his article in the New York Times, Gregg writes about the few individuals he met who are doing great things with small resources. One of them has even written iPhone applications and he doesn't own or use an iPhone. But his timing is spot on, because Orange is officially bringing the iPhone to Kenya in partnership with Apple.

It is quite remarkable the positive and upbeat tone that vibrates throughout Gregg's article - it is almost like a vote of confidence for Nairobi from a seasoned, respected and experienced globetrotter.

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KenyaWebs said...

Believe you me. Kenyans are at it again. I can bet, great minds, great technology and interesting approaches to issues represent how many Kenyans persue their day to day activities and interaction with the environment.