Monday, July 7, 2008

Technology boom in Kenya exposes shortage of skilled, experienced workers

A recent article in the Business Daily highlighted the fact that there has been an alarmingly high amount of churn within the ICT sector in Kenya.

Largely driven by the burgeoning telecoms sector which sees two new mobile licensees launching into the market over the next couple of months, several senior executives have left cushy jobs with some of the incumbents to join the newcomers. Job areas that seem to have a high demand include technical positions (CTO, tech managers) as well as marketing and legal.

What does this portend for investors who are looking to get into the rapidly growing and high potential ICT sector? Qualified and experienced management are the mainstay of any enterprise and even more critical for startups or new entrants into the market.

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Salieri said...

I wonder in what context this conclusion was arrived at. For instance, check out the site, a kenyan startup by some young guys. It looks like quite the piece of work.