Monday, July 21, 2008

Nairobi Buzz: Flip Video captures Kenya's Jimi Hendrix

The day I picked up the Flip Video camera I had a late dinner/drink with Harry Hare at Rezorus, a restaurant in Westlands. We innocently walked in and took our seats not knowing that that night was slated for a special performance by one of Nairobi's hottest bands.

Within a very short time we realised that this was no ordinary evening as people kept streaming in and the place got fuller. But we cared less as the band kept belting out their own renditions of popular songs, both old as well as new. The hottest was probably "Hotel California" - during which the guitarist played the guitar solo Jimi Hendrix style with his teeth. As he was doing this, Harry punched me and pointed at the Flip - "Go catch that!" he shouted. And here is the result.

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