Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Perceptions about Africa

So here we are, working very hard to build knowledge societies,
knowledge economies and bring 'e' into as many areas as possible.

Achieving the highest levels of mobile growth than any other
continent in the world.

Providing the highest returns on any kind of investment into any
sector than any other continent in the world.

But here is how we are percieved:

What can we do about this?


Steve Weis said...

Unfortunately, most of what we hear about Africa in the western media is about wars, poverty, epidemics, and famines. The sad fact is that in the media, good news is no news and "if it bleeds, it leads".

Myers' article is ridiculous, especially the line "we now have almost an entire continent of sexually hyperactive indigents". He's lumping nearly 1 billion people together because of the actions of tiny groups of warlords and despots.

The irony is that not so long ago, people were saying the same thing about the Irish. He mentions the Irish famine in his article, citing the fact that the population declined 30%. He seems to presume that people consciously stopped having children.

He fails to mention that there was a massive migration out of Ireland at the time, which would not have been possible if other countries had not accepted Irish refugees.

Djinn said...

Brian, I'm not surprised really. The author of that overlooks to mention that for nearly 100 years western nations pillaged Africa and built their economies and lodged their collective foot into the world's economic door - such that by the early seventies when most African states were independent, they were year ahead and they had left behind a legacy - capitalism. Its that legacy that has been the cause of many wars over resources. Today they continue to give arms to militias so they can continue their exploitation of natural resources - think of Congo and the Columbite Tantalite (Coltan) and tin mines.

We need a strong riposte.